Apple Announces Surprise Event for New Product Launch

Just a month and a half ago, the technology company Apple officially launched the iPhone 15 in all its versions and the Apple Watch 9, two products that have sold tremendously well due to the changes and improvements they brought. Many believed that this would be the only release from the American company for this year, and that for computers, tablets, and headphones, we would have to wait a few more months. However, Apple surprised everyone when they announced a new event through their social media, without giving many details about it.

This event will take place on October 30th at 7 PM Colombian time, marking the first time in a long while that the company has held a late-night launch stream. In fact, the event’s slogan is ‘scary fast’, alluding to the fact that it will be just one day before Halloween.

While it’s not clearly explained which new products will be released, users who closely follow this brand assert that there will be new computers, both laptops and desktops, and possibly also new models of iPads and headphones.

What New Products Will Apple Launch

Now that the phones, which are the best-selling products of this company, are available in all stores, it is estimated that computers will now take the spotlight.

For instance, the new iMacs, which are desktops, are expected to come with several changes in their internal elements, making them more powerful and seamless. There will also be changes in their colors, as they will be available in blue, orange, red, purple, and silver.

On the other hand, the Mac Pro, which has not been updated since 2017, is expected to be the star product, as it will be perfect for editors, designers, and more, ensuring smoother work processes and providing better job opportunities and outcomes.

Finally, though not confirmed, there’s the possibility of updates to the iPad, potentially including improvements in the processor and camera, as well as the headphones. It’s worth noting that the Airpods Max don’t come with a USB-C connection, which is now required for all products from the American company.

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