ChatGPT, creators request regulation and report on risks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a digital tool that has been present in humanity for several years. Beginning with Siri to ChatGPT, technology that has permeated the life of the human being in different aspects, becoming more and more integrated into daily life or even openly becoming an indispensable technological tool in some fields of work and education.

Well, being a tool, the influence of this type of technology falls largely on the users, since they are the ones who will establish how to use it.

Therefore, experts and scientists are captivated with what artificial intelligence can do, however, there is some concern in them precisely because of the great potential it has.

Mainly, due to its rapid expansion and development, without the appropriate regulations that could bring negative consequences.

Uncertainty and concern expressed by Sam Altman, executive director and co-founder of Open AI, developer of the ChatGPT program, before the United States Congress.

In his speech, he expressed that this type of technology can help in different fields and problems, from medicine to the fight against the climate change crisis.

It should be noted that this occurred in a committee on privacy and technology made by the Senate. There, he exposed all the advantages that artificial intelligence (AI) could bring, but also emphasized that its development should have some regulation.

“My biggest fear is that we’re going to do significant damage to the world if this technology goes wrong, it can go pretty bad,” Altman said when asked about his main concerns about artificial intelligence.

For their part, legislators mentioned their concern regarding job losses or the use of content creation tools to generate false information.

Senator Richard Blumenthal, chairman of the Privacy, Technology and the Law subcommittee and audience advocate, broadcast an artificial intelligence recording that had been written by ChatGPT, imitating the congressman’s style and main focuses of interest, in order to to illustrate your concerns.

Altman said artificial intelligence is likely to affect the job market, but he was optimistic that the technology could eventually create new jobs. In fact, IBM’s Director of Privacy and Trust, Christina Montgomery, in response to this fact, cited her own position as an example of a job that did not exist before the development of AI.

Finally, the businessman argued that “the US government should consider a combination of requirements for the development and release of models, along with incentives for full compliance with these requirements.”

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