One of the new emblems of the Asian city will be located in the Sangam-dong residential complex and will be called ‘Seoul Ring’, and it has been the Seoul Metropolitan Government on its website that has advanced the construction of this recreational place. The place where the giant Ferris wheel will be located, as explained, has been selected due to its accessibility, its infrastructures, views and the development of the area where it will be located.

In addition, the exact area, which is Haneul Park, has a special symbolism, since ‘it is a symbolic place as a gate between Seoul and unified Korea and as a geographical location close to North Korea, showing harmony and reunification. of the Korean race’. When this ‘Seoul Ring’ opens, visitors will be able to get spectacular views of the Hangag River, the city center and Namsan and Bukhansan mountains.

In addition to the innovative technology that will be used to shape a Ferris wheel that does not have the characteristic rails, the use of environmentally friendly technologies will be added. This Ferris wheel is an accumulation of symbols, both for the citizens themselves, who will see how an area that was once a landfill will end up becoming a place of entertainment and concord, as well as for the rest of the world. It will be in the year 2025, if there are no setbacks, when the Ferris wheel will be inaugurated, demonstrating the potential of the city of Seoul to the whole world.

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