The IRAIC investor company is the number one company in the world with a solid ecosystem based on real assets. It has established itself by providing economic and grassroots restructuring solutions that support large investments. He typically invests from $10M to $1.5B per trade, and has had his greatest successes in this year’s market tumult.

The investor and founder Gerardo Sierra behind it all is building a list of sponsors from nearly three dozen billionaire families around the world, allowing him to look beyond rising interest rates and widespread inflation as he charts his partners’ ambitions.

The company name opens the doors to a community of individuals and investors who want to succeed in new opportunities for business and personal growth. Sierra started in the world of investments in 1998 and 2 years later, in 2000, it was laying the foundations and starting over the years what today has been constituted as IRAIC, as an internationally recognized multi-business alliance with great exponentialization that has increased the companies that have affiliated.

The first investments that the billionaire made during the process indicated the pattern that marked the development and connection to shape what is today the most solid and safe company in investments.

From there, more and more connections were built with ultra-rich families and also with people who wanted to increase their income; however, he would sometimes meet with his younger and even older members at private events and host private dinners where he would share his goals for combining his capital with his capital-secured investment experience.

 “Many of the investors I met were smart, motivated and ambitious, but lacked knowledge of the real economy,” the investor said in a recent interview with  WildWestDominio.

During this time, he began the creation of many companies and businesses that have grown over the years, in addition to forming ties with entities that support investors, banks, and governments such as Burj Altharwa, where he is currently the president. and main shareholder of the entity. It has also given birth to international entities, among which banking corporations such as Banco BursatilBank of ArabianBank of BorwaManama Bank, and Etniobank stand out, in the latter the great importance of being the first ethnic bank in Latin America stands out.

Many companies are daily joining the great ecosystem offered by IRAIC, as it is a macroeconomic structure that encompasses all sectors of the economy. IRAIC has become a great competitor that opens the field to endless opportunities for growth and business development that has exponentialized around the world.

Added Sierra in participation of the private wealth events he attended, “Sitting in those conference rooms with the new generations, I could feel the transfer and construction of wealth.”

His goal has always been to build a community of like-minded people looking to trade their economy for a functional economic base with great growth potential; and not only looking to increase their wealth, but also want to have a social impact.

This ideology has also been applied by the investor not only to the people with whom he establishes links or partnerships, but also to businesses, establishments, small businesses, medium-sized businesses and large companies that want to restructure and enhance their business projects.

Family offices, the private investment firms of the wealthiest, have doubled their share of the investment world to further increase their reinvestment capital, according to a study published this week in

Some investors of the firm believe that Sierra was one of the first people who bet on me when I started to grow my business in IRAIC”. “When I have a problem, he is one of them, one of my first calls, and he almost always has a solution.”

The multinational forms business partners with active participation who, at the same time as more investors enter, increase their reinvestment capital.

The company, which can seek more investors among the world’s ultra-rich, has a handful of employees and investment partners around the world, detecting and adding more and more members, as well as individuals and companies to the firm.

Added the tycoon, “It is about finding investors and partners that fit well into the great ecosystem that IRAIC supports and that transcend in the long term.”

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