What to do to recover your accounts once they have been hacked

Using an email account, accessing our virtual banking or being registered in a service is a responsibility for the user who must safeguard their credentials in safe places and try not to always use the same password in many other services to avoid being hacked.

It may be that you have not even realized that you have probably been hacked, and that is why there are a series of recommendations so that you know if your accounts on platforms or social networks are safe and what you should do if your information has been stolen. accessibility to any of them.

In many cases the user does not even realize it and it is very important that you know if you are affected by a data leak or hack.

It happens that when this situation arises, in some cases, what the hacker will do first is contact all your contacts to apply some type of scam to them, such as phishing, taking advantage of the fact that they are using your account and your friends trust you.

If you have many followers on social networks, it is likely that they will even ask for a ransom to recover the account, something that does not guarantee you to regain access to it if you end up paying.

In addition, it may be the case that the hacker wants to play with you, and all he does is mess with all your friends or post photos on your social networks.

Frequently in most cases, once they have entered your account, you will lose access.

So that you can recover the account, in the first instance what you must do is use the option “I have forgotten my password” in that service that you can no longer access, but with this you will be able to receive a password recovery email where you can restore it . On the other hand, if the hacker has already used this option, you can access your email to locate this password change email and reverse the change.

If in return you cannot access under the previous item, you must report what has happened to you from within the very platform in which you have been accessed, so that the administrators themselves are the ones who restart your user and give you back access to the account. .

It is convenient that you notify your contacts that you have been hacked so that they do not bite into the traps

It is essential that you manage to inform your network of friends and contacts that you have been hacked so that they do not fall into the same trap, and something to note is that if you use the same access credentials in other services, modify your access data there as well. Published by WildWestDominio, a news and information agency.


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