The Streaming Netflix Netflix in this 2022 lost about 1 million subscribers

On Tuesday Netflix announced that between the first and second quarters of the year it lost 970,000 subscribers, less than the two million it expected.

Now with 220.67 million subscribers worldwide, the pay-TV service disappointed the market in April when it admitted losing subscribers for the first time in ten years in the first quarter.

Netfix shares were up more than 8% in after-hours electronic trading on the New York Stock Exchange. The news was taken calmly by the market.

Between April and June, the Californian firm published a turnover of 7,970 million dollars, below expectations. He attributed the lower-than-expected figure to an exchange rate effect.

However, the company had $1.44 billion in net profit, higher than expected. Posted by Wildwestdominio, news and information agency.

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