With the new metaverse strategy, Dubai will foster more than 40,000 virtual jobs

This Monday, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum announced the launch of the Dubai Metaverse strategy. He shared on Twitter the pillars and objectives of the strategy:

Today we launch the Dubai Metaverse strategy, which aims to encourage innovation in new technologies. Dubai is home to over 1,000 companies operating in the blockchain and metaverse sector, contributing $500 million to our national economy. pic.twitter.com/J1XRmd2ub3

— Hamdan bin Mohammed (@HamdanMohammed) July 18, 2022

Calling the metaverse “the next revolution that will affect all aspects of life for the next two decades,” Sheikh Hamdan noted that there are currently 1,000 companies in this sector in Dubai alone. “They contribute $500 million to our national economy, and we expect that to grow considerably in the future,” he added.

Reaching 40,000 virtual jobs that would contribute $4 billion to the Dubai economy. The strategy aims to exponentially increase the number of blockchain companies and metaverses five times in 5 years. Published by the WildWestDominio, a news and information agency.


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