Intel works on CPUs with DLCs, you will have to pay to unlock extra features

In recent years we have seen a big change in the video game industry with companies like EA becoming addicted to DLC, and it seems that Intel liked the business idea and is working on including DLCs in their processors.

The news comes from Intel itself, who added a new project on Github about a technology called “Intel Software Defined Silicon” or SDSi for its acronym in English, for now oriented to Xeon processors. The company’s official description mentions the following, making it more than clear that it will be practically the same as a DLC in a game:

The Intel® Xeon® processor family with Intel® Software Defined Silicon (SDSi) support allows configuration of additional CPU functionality through a license activation process.

It is curious that Intel is working on this technology when the AMD EPYC are widely outperforming the Xeons of the blue company, as they should focus on offering more features and more performance to attract more buyers instead of doing the opposite by limiting the features and then charging an extra on processors that are usually more expensive than red ones.

It will be interesting to see if Intel ends up implementing this technology or just ends up in a concept that never made it to consumers.


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