World’s first serial autonomous flying car factory

Many companies have introduced vertical take-off flying electric vehicles (eVTOLs), but most stick to prototypes, or models that are built by hand, one at a time.

The Chinese company eHang is possibly the most advanced in the world in terms of the development of flying taxis, as it has been flying different models for years and testing passenger transport.

She is so convinced of its success that it has already built a 24,000 square meter flying car factory, the EHang factory in Yunfu, China.

EHang Yunfu has the capacity to manufacture 600 autonomous eVTOLs per year. This is not in itself a limitation of eHang, as it is common in aeronautics. Many parts of ultralight cabins have to be created using molds and gluing different parts by hand.

The production of flying cars in series is vital to lower their cost. Only then can its use be extended.

EHang eVTOLs have a cost of $ 200,000, can transport two people autonomously, and reach a speed of 90 km / h.

It is an affordable price within the reach of governments, companies and emergency services, although still far from what an individual can afford.

eHang was the first company to develop an autonomous drone that carried passengers, in 2019. It is also building take-off and landing ports around the world. And it has even signed an agreement with the Seville City Council to launch a flying taxi service.

Just a few weeks ago he did a demonstration where an autonomous drone rescued a person and put out a fire.

It is the company best positioned to usher in the era of autonomous urban air transport. If all goes according to plan, its passenger drones will take off next year, or in 2023 at the latest.


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